adventures in recycling

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I’m a photographer

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It’s time for me to respect myself and aim higher. 

The next person I let into my heart and life will be worth my attention and love and friendship. I am no longer giving these things away for free. 

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selfies as self-care

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I fucking hate when people try to fake a struggle. It’s offensive and embarrassing when you have a huge financial safety net but you want to act like you’re broke. Hearing rich motherfuckers call themselves broke gives me ulcers. 

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There is so much dedicated to first loves and first kisses and first times, but I want to read more about second loves. The kind of love you can appreciate and understand and fight for because you were dragged through an embarrassing, disappointing, and dull first “love.” I want more celebration of the person who comes after the person you gave it all to. I want poems and stories and songs about what it feels like to love again. And again. And again.

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That’s me!!

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my school is so pretty

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